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2015-06-17 07:17 am
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Finally back!

 Well. We haven't posted in pretty much a year, but fuck Tumblr so we're back. 
Summary of the last year:
  • Fall 2014 Semester sucked, we only finished 2 classes, the rest were extended into Spring
  • Spring 2015 is over with only one B
  • Summer 2015 semester should not be a thing, but it is; we're taking AP Gov and regular Econ. It's great (no, it's not).
In any case, we're doing alright. I've updated our description, and I think (i hope) we'll start using this journal more.

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2014-06-12 11:07 pm
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 So. We finished all our mandatory school today. Mostly Bs, one or two As.
We did, however, let ourselves get talked into doing another few days for an extra 2.5 credits. So I hope it works out, because I was really looking forward to NOT doing any more school.
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2014-06-11 08:19 am

One house as a minimum human right for every person in the world.

There is a man named Vinay Gupta. He did a talk called "One Network One World: Consequences of Imperialism". And he don't take no shit.
He designed and works on a thing called HexYurts. They can house three people each, approximately. 
9 billion people at deployment / 3 per yurt = 3 billion yurts
3 billion yurts * 12 sheets of material for each yurt = 36 billion sheets
4kg per sheet * 36 billion panels = ~100 billion kilos of panels

Aluminum foil over industrial cardboard. Recyclable and compostable if it fails, but it won't. Easy to assemble with duct tape or screws. 
And guess what?
Within the scope of current industrial production. Why the hell aren't we doing this.

Watch the entire talk here:

"It is much easier to end the [imperialist] system of oppression completely than it is to change who is oppressed."
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2014-06-10 07:07 am
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School dreams!

 I thought I had escaped them, but no. Just had a pretty horrible one. Guess I'll be doing my best to finish school today :/
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2014-06-09 10:10 pm
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Going to sleep with Conventional Weapons on a loop in the background. Sometimes I love our life.
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2014-06-08 08:29 am
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Moving here.

We're going to be moving here from Tumblr. Our Tumblr will remain up and we'll check it once in a while but we probably won't post much.

Tumblr culture is just too adversarial. We can't handle constantly being slammed by critics on both sides of any argument just because we dare to talk about our experiences.